Nearly Half Americans Want Weight-Loss Pills!

Nearly Half Americans Want Weight-Loss Pills!

Many people in America really want to lose weight, and a recent survey reveals that over half of individuals would be open to using a prescription medication to accomplish so.

A recent nationwide KFF poll discovered that enthusiasm quickly wanes if the treatment requires an injection, if insurance does not cover it, or if the weight is likely to return after stopping the treatment.

Those results demonstrate the enthusiasm for a new class of expensive weight loss pills entering the market and highlight potential roadblocks, as users may have to contend with weekly self-injections, a lack of insurance coverage, and the requirement to use the drugs indefinitely.

Research Findings-

  • After finding that their health insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the medication, just 15% expressed interest in using it; 23% did so if the medication required injection; and 16% did so if it wasn’t FDA-approved especially for weight loss.
  • Just 53% of adults believe that everyone who wants to lose weight should be covered for weight-loss medications, in contrast to the 80% of persons who believe insurance companies should pay for people with obesity.
  • In the past year, 3 in 10 people claim they haven’t taken a recommended drug because they couldn’t afford it.

The Concerns

With 51% of women stating they would be interested compared to 38% of men, women were noticeably more likely than men to indicate that they were. Additionally, Hispanic persons had a higher likelihood of showing interest than White or Black adults.

The market for weight-loss medications is booming, but doctors and other specialists are still attempting to comprehend any possible side effects and long-term repercussions of utilising these medications.

Amid rising demand, several employers are reportedly limiting coverage of weight-loss prescriptions, which are not covered by Medicare.

80% of the public believes that insurers should pay for weight-loss medications for people who have been diagnosed as being overweight or obese, while 53% of adults believe that insurers should pay for these medications for anybody who wants to lose weight.

Even though it would result in higher monthly insurance costs for everyone, half (50%) believe that insurers should pay for the cost of the drugs.