10 Mystery Podcasts That Should Be In Your Library.

Mystery Podcasts, True Crime podcasts.

Mystery podcasts have captivated audiences with their ability to immerse listeners into enigmatic worlds, where puzzles are unraveled and secrets are exposed through the power of storytelling. These podcasts, often a blend of real-life investigations and fictional narratives, evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue that keeps listeners hooked from the very first episode.

One of the most iconic true crime podcasts, “Serial,” set the stage for the genre’s popularity. Its unique approach of revisiting and dissecting a single true crime case over an entire season revolutionized podcasting.

By diving deep into the details, exploring different angles, and presenting evidence and interviews, “Serial” engaged listeners in a way that resembled a real-time investigation.

This model influenced subsequent podcasts, leading to a surge in true crime and mystery-related content.

While true crime remains a cornerstone of the mystery podcast genre, scripted fictional podcasts like “The Black Tapes” and “Limetown” have taken storytelling to new heights. These podcasts introduce listeners to fictional enigmas, often with a supernatural or paranormal twist. The artful blending of suspense, intrigue, and well-developed characters creates a listening experience that is as enthralling as any blockbuster mystery novel.

In addition to their entertainment value, mystery podcasts often stimulate critical thinking and encourage listeners to consider multiple perspectives. Through the exploration of cold cases, unsolved mysteries, and historical puzzles, podcasts like “Criminal” and “Casefile” showcase the complexities of criminal investigations, shedding light on the challenges faced by law enforcement and the judicial system.

Mystery podcasts also thrive on the power of ambiguity and the thrill of the unknown. Whether diving into the eerie folklore presented in “Lore,” following the unexpected turns in “S-Town,” or navigating through the chilling tales of “The Magnus Archives,” these podcasts tap into the universal fascination with unanswered questions, the unexplained, and the enigmatic.

As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, mystery podcasts remain at the forefront of the medium’s growth. With their ability to transport listeners into the heart of mysteries, both real and imagined, they continue to ignite imaginations, challenge assumptions, and provide a space for storytelling that keeps audiences eagerly awaiting the next revelation.


This investigative journalism podcast delves deep into one true crime story each season.

2. Criminal

Each episode of this mystery podcast explores a different true crime story, both well-known and obscure.

3. The Black Tapes

A fictional podcast that follows a journalist as she investigates paranormal and supernatural mystery podcast.

4. Limetown

A scripted mystery podcast that investigates the disappearance of over 300 people from a research facility.

5. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

This podcast examines cold cases and unsolved mysteries, presenting theories and analysis.

6. Casefile

An Australian true crime podcast that narrates a variety of criminal cases from around the world.

7. Lore

While not exclusively a mystery podcast, “Lore” explores the darker side of history and folklore, often touching on mysteries and unexplained events.

8. S-Town

A compelling narrative podcast that begins as an investigation into a murder and turns into something unexpected.

9. The Magnus Archives

A horror and mystery podcast that features fictional stories from the archives of the Magnus Institute.

10. The NoSleep Podcast

While primarily a horror  and true crime podcast, it often includes mystery-themed stories that keep listeners intrigued.

These podcasts are loved and listened to by many. True crime podcasts have quite the different audience base and targets. Every mystery podcast creator curates stories and cases to talk about on these Podcasts. Give them a listen!