GAMEZOP Expands Publisher Offerings with NEWSZOP, ASTROZOP, and CRICZOP


Delhi, 19th December 2023: Gamezop, a global leader in HTML5 gaming and quizzing content, today announced the launch of three new products – NewszopAstrozop, and Criczop – to expand its suite of offerings for digital publishers worldwide. These additions will empower apps and websites to seamlessly integrate diverse and captivating content, while boosting user engagement and driving advertising revenue.

Expanding Content Horizons with Diverse Verticals

Building upon its success in gaming and quizzing, Gamezop is embarking on a strategic expansion of its content portfolio with Newszop, Astrozop, and Criczop.

Newszop is a plug-and-play solution that can be integrated within apps and websites as a news center. It offers verified, real-time news and trending stories from trusted sources.

Astrozop is an embeddable astrology hub for publishers that engages their users with personalized tarot card readings. Exciting additions such as zodiac readings, compatibility reports, and career horoscopes are soon to follow.

Criczop is an easy-to-integrate cricket portal designed for publishers catering to audiences in cricket-playing nations. It offers live scores, match schedules, commentary, highlights, and trending tweets.


Empowering Publishers Amid Revenue Challenges

In response to the global challenge of declining advertising revenues, Gamezop’s new offerings build upon its proven solution, empowering publishers worldwide with expanded capabilities. Publishers partnering with Gamezop can see a 15-40% boost in advertising revenue by integrating the company’s plug-and-play solutions for gaming, quizzing, news, astrology, and cricket.

Consistent with the company’s flagship product (Gamezop) and quiz center (Quizzop), the newly launched solutions can be integrated within 30 minutes and are free for both publishers and their users. This ensures publishers enhance their platforms with engaging content without disrupting user experience or incurring costs.

Gamezop’s Commitment to Scalable Innovation

Gamezop’s mission is to build the world’s largest distribution network for digital content. The addition of these new verticals is a natural step in that direction,” said Yashash Agarwal, CEO and co-founder at GamezopThe successful launch of Quizzop in 2022 opened doors for us to explore new opportunities, eventually leading us to focus on Newszop, Astrozop, and Criczop. While each product has its unique features, for the easy of our partners, the integration process is the same. Our aim is to create a platform layer running across our products that centralises crucial functions – such as first-party data collection, privacy compliance, content recommendation engines, cloud infrastructure management, direct ad sales, and optimised ad serving – so that we can continue expanding into new verticals on a scalable basis and adding value for publishers around the world.

About Gamezop:

GamezopⓇ is a global provider of plug-and-play content solutions for apps and websites. With its flagship gaming product and additional offerings – Quizzop™, Newszop™, Astrozop™, and Criczop™ – the company enables publishers to enhance user engagement and drive advertising revenue.

These plug-and-play products are free for apps and websites to use and can be integrated within 30 minutes.

Gamezop’s solutions are trusted by over 7,000 apps and websites from more than 70 countries, including notable partners such as Samsung Internet, Sony News Suite, Tata Play, ixigo, Paytm, and Business Insider. Over 45 million users engage with Gamezop’s products every month through one of its partners.

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