FDA Approves First Ever Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill In U.S

FDA Approves First Ever Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill In U.S

Contraception and safe intercourse should not just be common knowledge, but also accessible everywhere. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill for anyone wanting to prevent pregnancy.

The Birth-Control Pill

The oral contraceptive Opill, which is the brand name for the norgestrel tablet formulation, is a progestin-only oral contraceptive that thickens cervical mucus, inhibits ovulation, or both to help prevent pregnancy. In 1973, the FDA first authorized the prescription use of Opill.

Its clearance for nonprescription usage might inspire other birth control product makers to follow. This demonstrates the value of pharmacies as healthcare centers and pharmacists’ role in facilitating contraceptive treatment.

The pill maker, Paris-based HRA Pharma, predicted that by early 2024, it will likely be accessible in shops and online merchants across the country.

The Decision

Opill has the potential to greatly increase access to contraception, especially for younger women and those in disadvantaged and rural areas who frequently struggle to get birth control.

The locals say that the pill’s approval is a win for Biden’s administration, especially following the previous judgments and restrictions on abortions.

“Today’s approval is a groundbreaking expansion for women’s health in the U.S. and a significant milestone towards addressing a key unmet need for contraceptive access,” Welgryn said in the statement.

In March 2022, more than 50 members of Congress also urged FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf to make sure the organization quickly examined applications for over the-counter birth control tablets.

These organizations have emphasized that an estimated 45% of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States annually are unplanned.