ChatGPT Vs Bard Ai: Differences, Features, And Comparisons

ChatGPT Vs Bard Ai

Open Ai’s ChatGPT vs Google Bard Ai: Which One is Better In The Bot Race?

Two of the most well-known chatbots using artificial intelligence (AI) that will be accessible in 2023 are Google Bard Ai and OpenAi’s ChatGPT. Which is better, though? Both offer natural language responses to inputs in natural language and create these responses using machine learning and millions of data points. almost always Although these AI tools aren’t yet flawless, they hint at an exciting future of AI assistant search and learning capabilities that will increase access to information. 

Now, the people of the interwebs have taken it upon themselves to make it a competition between the two bits. ChatGPT vs Bard Ai. Comparing them on grounds of responses, speed, and customer satisfaction. 

Google Vs ChatGPT: Who’s Better?

Both the Bard Ai chatbot and ChatGPT are long language models that have the same functions and technicalities at the base. 

People have been using Open Ai’s chatbot to answer all kinds of questions- science, physics, full-fledged movie scripts, or silly jokes. With a simple chatGPT login, the bot can answer all sorts of questions with high accuracy. ChatGPT can assist with research by sorting through a large amount of information to identify the key information. This might be helpful for students and researchers who need to quickly access and study a lot of information.

What people liked about ChatGPT is unlike a google search, ChatGPT gives you one response rather than the several pages of responses that Google provides, making it more convenient.

Speaking of Google, the question is did it try to tackle this convenience issue through its very own Bard Ai chatbot?

This language model will allow Bard to provide more thorough responses to queries than a standard Google search. The second, lighter version of LaMDA uses less CPU power, enabling a larger user base and better feedback collection. Bard’s beta testing is currently in progress. Like that of digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, Bard’s primary goal is to gather information in a direct answer rather than a search engine results page, but with links enabling users to learn more.

Data Source

The data source is the primary distinction between ChatGPT and Bard. Bard will continuously access the internet for information, ensuring that it is up to date. ChatGPT only includes data from more recent studies and sources, which expire in 2021. By obtaining the most recent research, Google Bard Ai will have more knowledge to gather data in real-time.

Bard utilizes GPT 3.5 while ChatGPT uses LaMDA for dialogue applications. LaMDA was developed to comprehend natural language using an open-source network. Instead of using individual words, it is trained to look for patterns in phrases and between words to construct discourse.


The number one concern when it comes to bots is the answers they produce are bound to be very “artificial” (because of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. shocker.) and easy to recognize. Several professors with a keen eye and tons of experience have caught whether an essay is written with the help of a bot. 

Open Ai’s ChatGPT tackled this problem and students all around the world took a sigh of relief. There is a built-in plagiarism detector in ChatGPT (AI Text Classifier). ChatGPT can assist in helping to customize material for certain users by looking at user behavior and preferences. By creating personalized content, businesses can provide their customers with a more engaging and pertinent experience.

However. Google Bard Ai lags a bit behind with this feature. The Google Bard plagiarism detector is not currently supported. To help authors improve their abilities, Google Bard may assess a piece of writing and provide feedback on elements including style, tone, and structure.

Bing And ChatGPT: The Duo Of Bots

Microsoft is integrating a new ChatGPT-like capability into its Bing search engine to give it cutting-edge AI capabilities. By integrating ChatGPT, Microsoft hopes to challenge Google’s dominance of the search engine market. Moreover, Yin’s photos and GIFs indicate that Microsoft plans to completely redesign the Bing browser’s user interface.

 With the option to follow up on prior inquiries and add more context to their search, Bing’s new ChatGPT-like function will go one step further by enabling users to converse with the search engine.

What’s beneficial through this ChatGPT vs Bard Ai is that the number of alternatives constantly emerging. Every day that goes by, both companies’ language models change. While Google Bard is prepared to integrate with the Google suite, ChatGPT is already prepared to use the GPT4 version that will come with Microsoft Bing. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, but what’s most exciting is that AI will soon see its greatest success in one form or another.