Author Jane Friedman Finds AI Fakes Under Her Name.

Jane Friedman, Generative AI, AI-Fakes.

A writer by the name of Jane Friedman disclosed she found AI-generated novels under her name. These books have since been taken off of Amazon’s list. The books were initially not removed by Amazon, but they were after the author complained on social media.

Jane Friedman has written or contributed to 10 books on the subject over the past 25 years. She produced a number of newsletters to assist writers in publication and the industry. Also held media professor posts at two institutions. She was even selected Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World the previous year.

The author requests a way to confirm authorship and disallow fake books that have been credited to them on websites like Amazon and Goodreads.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

There are new advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology every other day as it is developing quickly.

The author through a blog post stated that up to 5 books under her name are on Amazon. They were not authored by her and appeared to be produced by AI. These books were primarily authored by AI, if not entirely, which damaged the author’s reputation.

“When I started looking at these books, looking at the opening pages, looking at the bio, it was just obvious to me that it had been mostly, if not entirely, AI-generated … I have so much content available online for free, because I’ve been blogging forever, so it wouldn’t be hard to get an AI to mimic me” Jane Friedman said.

Some writers and authors have expressed concern about losing employment to the new technology. AI technologies like ChatGPT can now quickly and cheaply crank out enormous amounts of persuasive material.

Author Concerns

Jane Friedman was initially requested for a list of specific complaints, along with instructions to identify “the work that’s being infringed.” Afterward, her request to have the fake titles removed from their website was denied by Amazon. Reason being, she was unable to give “any trademark registration” number linked to her identity.

The literary world has already started to fight artificial intelligence. Around 10,000 authors, among them Nora Roberts, Michael Chabon, and Jodi Picoult, signed an open letter by the Author’s Guild last month urging AI industry leaders to safeguard authors.

The Guild emphasised the “inherent justice” of developing technology that incorporates copyright works in its letter to the CEOs of numerous well-known AI businesses, and it urged that advancements “obtain consent from, credit, and fairly compensate authors.”