UK Illegal Immigration Bill Concerns UN About Refugees

UK Illegal Migration Bill Concerns UN About Refugees

The UN cautioned on Tuesday that the UK illegal immigration bill is “at variance” with the nation’s commitments under international law. It will have “profound consequences” for those in need of international protection.

The law eliminates access to shelter in the UK for anybody who enters the country illegally. Regardless of how compelling their circumstances are, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights statement.

“Carrying out removals under these circumstances is contrary to prohibitions of refoulement and collective expulsions, rights to due process, to family and private life, and the principle of best interests of children concerned,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk said in the statement.

What is UK Illegal Immigration Bill?

With the passing of the Illegal Migration Bill, persons who enter the UK unlawfully will no longer be permitted to stay. Instead, they will be held before being immediately deported, either to their home country or a safe third nation.

By eliminating the motivation for the risk of small boat crossings, the measure seeks to limit illegal immigration into the UK. The UK will be better able to help individuals who have a genuine need for refuge. Through secure and lawful channels if the illegal immigrants are quickly removed.

Additionally, it stops those who enter the UK via shady and perilous routes from abusing modern slavery protections to delay their expulsion.

Furthermore, by pledging to relocate a particular number of the most vulnerable refugees in the UK each year, it guarantees that the UK will continue to assist those who are truly in need.

UN’s Concerns

The UN Human Rights Chief Volker Turk and the UN refugees head Filippo Grandi said-

“..the bill is at variance with the country’s obligations under international human rights and refugee law and will have profound consequences for people in need of international protection”.

“I urge the UK government to renew this commitment to human rights by reversing this law and ensuring that the rights of all migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are respected, protected, and fulfilled without discrimination,” Turk said.

Thousands of individuals are likely to remain in precarious legal situations in the UK forever in the absence of effective removal agreements with third countries or enough operational competence to remove significant numbers of asylum seekers, according to the statement.