Business News

Starbucks Invests $15 B in Coffee Manufacturing Unit in China

Despite a significant economic recession, Starbucks claims to have invested more than $200 million in a new campus.

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Events News

China Slips Into Deflation. Should The World Care?

The Chinese economy is struggling. That could be the spark that ultimately ends the West’s problems with inflation.Consumer.

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News Society

Signs of Deflation: China Economy Drops After 2021

Consumer prices in China have decreased for the first time in more than two years as sluggish spending.

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Environment News

Typhoon Doksuri: Deadly Rains In Beijing Causes Harsh Damage

As Typhoon Doksuri s leftovers dumped the highest rainfall in a decade over portions of northern China, deadly.

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News Technology

China’s OpenKylin: Importance of Indigenous Operating Systems

As the world progresses with technological advancements over technological advancements, the wish of becoming self-dependent arises. China is.

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