Meta Launches Threads. Twitter’s Rival Gains Popularity Swiftly!

Meta Launches Threads. Twitter’s Rival Gains Popularity Swiftly!

Mark Zuckerberg finally unveils Meta Threads! An upgrade from Twitter, with the same wit and memes, but absolutely no limits at all. Meta launches Threads as Twitter goes through multiple changes and reforms- characters, view limits, Zuck said “Be limitless netizens!”

Meta’s Vision

The standalone Threads app from tech company Meta was published on Thursday. The app’s functionality is based on Instagram’s account system and enables users to publish links, react to or report messages, share text updates, and participate in group chats. Meta launches Threads intending to expand the creative space it has created with Instagram.

Meta remarked in a formal statement-

”Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.”

Meta threads automatically link your accounts on both apps, while allowing you to follow users and connect with creators.

Meta threads are currently available in more than 100 countries for iOS and Android.

The Surging Popularity

As soon as it was released, it gained 2 million sign-ups in its first 2 hours, 5 million in 4 hours, and 10 million in 7 hours.

The witty part of Twitter has made its way to Meta Threads along with brands like Swiggy, ASOS, Netflix, and HBO within minutes of launch.

Meta is the only company in history that was successful in taking inspiration from its rival apps, launching them, and being successful at that. Before Meta Threads, the tech company launched Reels, which was like TikTok. Reels ended up being very popular, even though many accounts were just posting TikTok content on Reels. Instagram also introduced “stories” which was a concept limited to Snapchat earlier.

Now, Meta launches Threads.

“Whatever it is you’re interested in, you can follow and connect directly with your favorite creators and others who love the same things — or build a loyal following of your own to share your ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world,” says Meta Threads in its description.

Reactions And Replies

After a surge of sign-ins, it was a common trend to post on threads and then share them on Instagram stories and in the form of tweets. People on Meta Threads were talking about Twitter, and people on Twitter, talking about Threads.

A user on Twitter described Threads as a “Twitter killer”, but more of a “Time Killer”.

Another user used a meme to describe the current situation of people having multiple platforms of social media on one phone.

Ah. The modern human being!

Are you on Threads?