Kelly Bagla, Esq. – Bringing The “American Dream” to Reality with Bagla Law Firm, APC

Budding entrepreneurs take hesitant little steps into this giant industry called entrepreneurship to achieve their wildest dreams. But soon, are greeted with, not warmth or hugs, but challenges on every step they take. Challenges include leading the team, remaining abreast of industry standards, selecting the appropriate candidates for the positions, and so on. One scratches their head thinking “Hmm this wasn’t portrayed in the Wolf of the Wall Street?”

Overcoming stringent legal standards is another significant hurdle many people face and have no idea how to deal with such requirements. This is where great business attorneys enter the picture as they manage legal issues, provide valuable insight, and offer crucial legal services that keep organizations protected, operating, and expanding.

The Journey from Attorney to a Leader

If we speak of attorneys, we can’t miss Kelly Bagla, Esq., who is an international award-winning Corporate Attorney. Kelly is the Founder/CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC. She is one of the most reputable and respected attorneys and legal leaders in the USA. Bagla Law Firm is here to protect budding entrepreneurs from scams, frauds, and legal infringements.

She is not only a strong woman and an internationally recognized corporate attorney, but she is also the CEO of four companies, a best-selling author, inventor, speaker, podcast host, and more.

Kelly’s disruptive work has been recognized and praised by prestigious business organizations by honoring Kelly with the following awards: the 2023 Global Law Experts Business Law Firm of the Year Award, 2020 Acquisitions International Corporate Attorney the Year Award, and three years running the Hall of Fame Business Award, just to name a few.

Kelly has authored five books: Go Legal Yourself, First Edition, Go Own Yourself, Doing Business in the United States, Go Legal Yourself, Second Edition, and Legal Pearls.

 All books support and promote entrepreneurship.

The Bagla Law Firm Story

Bagla Law Firm was established in 2009. Being an attorney was something little Kelly dreamt of. The second she stepped out of law school; she had a coveted job right in her hands. After starting the job that she once thought was her dream, she realized it wasn’t her actual dream after all.

Legal services are very expensive, which leaves little to no room for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses on a budget. These entrepreneurs are forced to “do it” themselves or go the cheap route and get what they paid for, which is substandard and incorrect most of the time. The high-fluting job and working in the legal industry gave Kelly enough first-hand experience to have a brand-new dream – helping people with business legal needs on a flat rate fee system.

“I had to do something new. Something different. Something designed from its very core to put the client’s best interests first. And so… Bagla Law Firm, APC was born.”

The Great Legal Scenario

Kelly describes Bagla Law Firm as a “niche law firm that specifically caters to entrepreneurs”. The firm’s in-house legal team is a synergy of a powerful and wisdomous network of individuals that the CEO herself has gathered. For any and every entrepreneur wishing to pursue their American Dream via the tried-and-true, tested-and-tolerated method, Bagla Law Firm offers a one-stop shop.

The team has got your back.

Bagla Law Firm caters to a diverse clientele of CEOs and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

“While most law firms categorize themselves in broad areas of law practice catering to the masses, Bagla Law Firm specializes in just a select few areas of law that specifically pertain to business formation and asset protection. All services are provided on a flat rate fee basis to ensure our client’s bottom line is ALWAYS at the top of our priority list.”

Making legal accessible to all!

Seeking New Horizons

Kelly Bagla is one of those leaders who, through firsthand experience, decided to do something better for society. After working at one of the most international law firms at the start of her career, she decided to devote her time to supporting and helping American businesses prosper.

Bagla Law Firm today, after embarking 14 years, is one of the most trusted law firms. Kelly also branched herself and her expertise into ventures like– an online legal documentation firm, and Pitbull ‘n Pearls– a coaching company for business beginners.

Each of Kelly’s businesses is dedicated to educating, empowering, and encouraging business owners to identify the opportunities all around them and to grab those chances to launch, manage, and expand their very own successful businesses.

Even a best-selling book on the subject was authored by Kelly. Numerous company owners have benefited from “Go Legal Yourself! Know Your Business Legal Lifecycle” as they launch and expand their enterprises.

 In an effort to better educate her audience, Kelly has even gone so far as to produce and host the Go Legal Yourself!  Podcast (broadcast in over 26 countries worldwide), in which she interviews professionals about their own individual success stories and legal hazards. The “Top 20 Law Podcasts” list includes this Go Legal Yourself program.

Facing the Hurdles

For all the budding American entrepreneurs who are facing legal difficulties, Kelly is there with her wisdom and hands-on experience. One of the prime challenges she faced running this firm is keeping up with the demand.

Kelly learned how to give attention and the right expertise to the right client. She makes sure to keep the client’s best interests are kept at the forefront of any processes and procedures performed by the firm.

The amazing group of Bagla Law associates strives to serve their clients in the best way possible, having the core values set by Kelly intact and strong.

Managing Workforce

When it comes to managing the people that work for you, their comfort and experience are something one ought to look after. Kelly describes it as maintaining a “Creature Comfort”, where every employee feels validated, appreciated, and motivated.

Being the CEO, she knows how to navigate her team through internal and external disagreements and hiccups. The team behind Bagla Law Firm considers and validates every additional perspective put on the table.

Reaching the Customers

When Kelly first started her journey of reaching out to entrepreneurs, her ways of dealing with and handling them were different. With time, that has changed, and so has the firm.

It is her own observation as she saw face-to-face conversations declining as everything got more digital.

Speaking of digitization, the firm gained this global outreach and even more businesses to help achieve their dreams.

 “The 3 C’s. CLEAR CONCISE COMMUNICATION. We do our best to make sure that everyone is always on the same page. We make it a habit to under-commit and over-deliver. So if we’ve given you our assurances… you can rest assured.”

Bagla Law Firm is the winner of the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 from Corporate Live Wire as well as being chosen by Acquisition International as the Best International M&A Law Firm.

It’s hardly surprising that Kelly’s clients have claimed her as the “Queen of Business Law®” since they like dealing with her. The San Diego Business Journal named Kelly Businesswoman of the Year. Additionally, she received the LA DREAMS Inspiration Awards’ “Powerful Woman Entrepreneur” designation. Along with appearances on international news shows, she has been profiled in all San Diego news outlets.

Future Launches and More

Bagla Law Firm recently opened a London/England branch; something they had looked forward to for years. For future expansion, Bagla Law Firm’s radar is on opening a branch in Las Vegas, Nevada next year.

The one thing constant that Bagla Law Firm is being able to better facilitate is the growing influx of international businesses. Kelly, as an immigrant herself, has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to start a business in the USA.

She wants everyone to live the “American Dream” she is currently living and enjoy the greatest joys of life.

From One Entrepreneur to Another

The knowledge, experience, and wisdom ooze out through Kelly’s opinions, lectures, and words in general. It is like a clear certification of the arduous journey she has had and the robust lessons she picked up on the way.

“Never skimp on LEGAL. Don’t just ‘Trust your gut’… TRUST AN EXPERT!”