Dawn Maroney: Forging The Platform That’s A Helping Hand to Seniors Everywhere

Facing the rising costs of health care especially when on a fixed income can be devastating. When it comes to the health of seniors, it’s imperative that they have access to the care they need and deserve. Providing good quality health care that is affordable on a fixed income can be challenging.  

Alignment Health addresses this challenge by providing a wide range of services that leverage technology and healthcare. Putting seniors and their needs first, Alignment Health aims to solve complicated health issues while being cautious to manage costs to seniors. The model of care is a beautiful synergy of technology and care resulting in round-the-clock service for seniors.

The team at Alignment Health puts seniors first.

We put the seniors we serve at the center of everything we do. At the heart of every touchpoint is a sense of compassionate responsibility that echoes through our entire corporate culture and into the communities we serve.”

This round-the-clock service-providing platform is run by Dawn Maroney, CEO of Alignment Health Plan. Under her leadership, Alignment Health Plan delivers health care and services to seniors who are on Medicare.

Dawn Maroney has 30+ years of Medicare experience driving innovation and growth over the course of her career. Her priority is ensuring and initiating growth initiatives, member satisfaction, and retention rates.

The Healthcare Scenario

Evaluating health care for seniors requires sophistication.

Aging is a vast concept that involves physical changes to people’s bodies all over the course of adulthood, psychological changes to their minds and cognitive abilities, social psychological changes to how they think and believe, and social changes to how they are perceived, what they anticipate, and what is expected of them. The idea of aging is continually changing. Biological age is indeed taken into account more than chronological age when assessing the health of the elderly.

First Steps of the Journey

When asked, Dawn traces her inspiration back to when she lost her grandparents. She never got to experience that lovely and warm relationship that a granddaughter shares with her grandparents.

At Alignment Health, she focuses on driving innovative products and spearheading marketing efforts to grow the business

Dawn is a pioneer in setting up healthcare companies for success in the competitive Medicare, and Medicaid industry.

Leadership in Style!

Every business leader has their leadership style. Approaching a team that is dedicated and active is crucial.

“Leadership, for me, means creating and developing a team of professionals who are connected, collaborative, share the same focus, and want to win. I want anyone who works for me to grow and succeed. I expect all of us to use the Stop, Challenge, Choose approach in our business activities.”

Dawn believes that the appreciation you show to your stakeholders and clients will reflect in your deliverables. Respecting deadlines, and fulfilling commitments is a reflection of one’s work ethic, and Dawn and her team make this a priority.

Businesswoman Duties

One of the most important ways that Dawn manages demands is to set daily goals to determine what is mission-crucial and what can be delegated. She recognizes that she may not be able to do it all each day but all that she does is equally important.

Business as a Woman Duties

Being a woman in business, Dawn often finds herself being the only woman in a business meeting. She then chooses to divert any emphasis on her gender to the value she brings to a discussion.

“I encourage women to know their worth and not to shy away from new opportunities and the conversations needed to allow them to achieve these new opportunities.”

Dawn has taken significant risks and leaps of faith. She left a position overseeing eight states, for a position at a company that served only eleven zip codes.

The risk paid off when the company grew from 3,500 to over 100,000 members.

Future of Healthcare

Dawn Maroney and Alignment Health have a unique vision for the future of healthcare. They look forward to a world where aging is celebrated instead of being dismissed. They will continue to grow so that more seniors have access to the Alignment Health experience.

Right at the core, they wish for more seniors to have access to the Alignment Health experience.

Alignment Health is currently supporting the California Assembly Bill which would ensure that California seniors who are low-income with significant health conditions would have more highly integrated and coordinated healthcare options.

A Message to the Future Leaders

Most people fear stepping out of their comfort zone. Dawn Maroney advises people to leave their comfort zone. Have the courage to take risks. Even if we fail, we grow and learn.

“Remind yourself of resilience, so you can find a way to persevere when the chips are down.”