8 Best Business Books by Women to Read That Help Your Business In 2023

Best Business Books

There was a time when people believed only those from that background could step into business. If you don’t have an “inherited business mind” that ain’t your cup of tea. That may be true to some extent, but a lot has changed. Today, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman if you wish to do business. Business of course is a crucial skill to master: the bargains, the decisions, the investments- concepts that sometimes go over your head. Entrepreneurs and professionals turn these concepts into narrative books for those who wish to step in. The best business books to guide you through. 

If you think that entrepreneurship is something that only men can do, let us assure you that this is untrue. Many successful businesswomen venture out into the world, use their skills to the fullest, and scale tall mountains. In the restaurant business, in retail, in marketing, in technology, etc., or the top essay services. Women entrepreneurs publish books that view the business world in their way. Through these books, you can gain valuable first-hand insights into the processes and functionalities. 

The best business books will not preach about a concept, but introduce you to them in an easygoing manner. These selected women entrepreneur books do just that for you. 

  1. Women And Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons

Authors: Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo 

Good Reads Rating: 4.0

Perfect for the newly budding entrepreneurs out there. This book acts as a guide for women to learn gender bias, and leadership essentials and gives practical advice rather than fluffy motivation. The book teaches you to deal with and overcome gender stereotypes rather than avoid them.

Written by two politicians, the book progresses with real-life lessons and the experience of other leaders like Hillary Clinton and Theresa May. The book speaks to women from various countries and with varying political careers and struggles. Readers particularly loved the vulnerability of the women being interviewed while sharing their experiences and stories. 

  1. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

Author: Marilee G. Adams

Good Reads Rating: 3.88

Again, one of those books that keeps it honest regarding inspiration. Like the other top business books in its league, the book breaks down the difference between the “Judger” and the “Learner” mindsets. 

The author believes that questions are what keeps us going through life. We ask questions that lead to us churning out solutions. Adams offers optimism in terms of asking different questions because we all have a Judger within us. This has its roots in learning to recognize when we are in the judger mode, accepting that part of ourselves, and developing the ability to ask questions that shift us into the learner mode.

  1. How To Change: The Science of Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Author: Katy Milkman

Good Reads Rating: 3.86

One of the best books for new employee development is How to Change. Katy Milkman, a professor at Wharton, investigates the science underpinning behavior change and explains the ideal circumstances for achieving long-lasting changes.

Chapters on procrastination, confidence, and impulsivity, among other subjects, help readers comprehend the psychology of developing new habits and effecting long-term change.

  1. Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 Into A Billion Dollar Business

Author: Barbara Corcoran

Good Reads Rating: 4.12

This women’s entrepreneur book is more of a memoir than a self-help book. Barbara Corcoran talks about her rise from humble beginnings to being one of the leading companies in real estate. 

She offers practical advice on how to successfully launch, expand, and succeed in highly competitive business situations. The book is chock-full of anecdotes about how she built that company, including how she came up with the idea to release the real estate report that gave her company such widespread brand recognition, how she chose to take a second job to supplement her first job after the stock market crashed, and how she stood her ground and ultimately prevailed in a lawsuit brought by Donald Trump against her business.

  1. The Making Of A Manager 

Author: Julie Zhuo

Good Reads Rating: 4.23

The top business book can be interpreted as a manual outlining tactics and strategies for being the best manager in your organization. It covers a variety of managerial topics and discusses how to foster the corporate culture that is so highly regarded by everyone in the area.

Readers describe it as “the management book you NEED”, the book talks to its readers in a calm and patient tone. 

If you are working in a corporate or a white-collar environment and need some help, this is for you. 

  1. Invisible Women: Data Bias In A World Designed For Men

Author: Caroline Criado Perez 

Good Reads Rating: 4.36

One of the best business books is Invisible Women. However, Caroline Criado Perez believes that averages and surveys might also be distorted because the baseline data tends to favor the white male demographic, contrary to what many professionals believe.

In Invisible Women, renowned feminist activist Caroline Criado Perez delves into women’s lives at home, at work, in public places, in the doctor’s office, and more to uncover the shocking causes of gender disparity.

  1. Digital Body Language: How To Build Trust And Connection, No matter The Distance

Author: Erica Dhawan

Good Reads Rating: 3.79

Today, we live in the era of remote work. Post-pandemic, many companies shifted to a hybrid way of working and this book is the most relevant to them. The book demonstrates how to establish confidence over distance by using effective communication techniques and following appropriate protocols for virtual meetings. The manual explains how to remain attentive and responsive while working remotely, prevent misunderstandings in digital messaging, and interpret body language over Zoom.

  1. The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, And Confidence With Everyday Courage 

Author: Mel Robbins

Good Reads Rating: 3.87

In the self-help book The 5 Second Rule, the author shows readers how to overcome procrastination and boost their confidence. The book outlines a method for being brave and productive that revolves around counting backward from five before taking rapid action. As Robbins explains via anecdotes and examples, this primary tactic can be useful for pushing oneself.

There is plenty of books and resources out there that will shake away any second thoughts about stepping into the business world. Reading through the business books, you will understand the A-B-Cs of not just business but also a confident life ahead. These and many more are available on sites like good reads and library genesis.