5 Moments That Make Michael Jackson Eternal King of Pop

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2023 marks 14 years since the pop world faced a tragic loss. Micheal Jackson, “King of Pop”, bid farewell from the world. Throughout his career, he built a strong and rigid fanbase that is still active today. Just throw the question “Who was the king of pop”, and most people will answer instantly “Micheal Jackson”. That affirmative answer is proof of the legacy Michael Jackson left behind.

When Michael Jackson’s death was announced on that sad day in June 2009, the world of music came to a complete standstill. For fans of music, June 25, 2009, is regarded as the most depressing day. As countless numbers of fans around the world sobbed and lamented the loss, the 50-year-old’s unique place in music history became even more clear.

MJ must rank among the most popular performers of the 20th century in addition to being the greatest entertainer of all time. The King of Pop was an exceptional singer, dancer, lyricist, and philanthropist. You name the trait, and he possessed it. He continues to be a major inspiration for many well-known and up-and-coming musicians alike. Such was the inventiveness and natural talent of his craft.

“King of Pop”

The question of why Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” can be answered by examining his unparalleled achievements. He revolutionized the music video format, with the iconic “Thriller” short film becoming a cultural phenomenon. His unmatched dance moves, particularly the moonwalk, became synonymous with his name. Beyond his artistic prowess, Jackson’s philanthropic efforts further solidified his legacy. His involvement in humanitarian causes displayed his commitment to positively impacting the world.

The global adoration he commanded is evident in his record-breaking album sales, chart-topping hits, and sold-out concerts. He possessed an extraordinary ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds, transcending language and cultural barriers. His influence on subsequent generations of artists is palpable, as many have drawn inspiration from his innovative style, stage presence, and artistic fearlessness.

Throughout his career, Micheal Jackson has embarked milestones over milestones. But a few of them prove him to be the eternal king of pop.


One of his incredible career’s most famous dates is definitely November 30, 1982. He launched his renowned album titled Thriller on this day. It is thought to be Michael Jackson’s most popular album. According to the RIAA, Thriller and Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits 1971–1975 are the two albums that have sold the most copies, totaling 29 million.

2. 8 Grammy Wins For One Record

In 1982, Micheal Jackson and Quincy Jones released the record-breaking “Thriller”. Thriller is still the best-selling album of all time with over 100 million copies worldwide. Moments like these prove why Michael Jackson is the King of pop!

He bagged 8 Grammys for his music mastery for the album in R&B and disco, and an additional for his performance in the ET soundtrack.

3. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Tour

Following the enormous success of Thriller, the King of Pop released Bad, which set an all-time record for the most of chart-topping singles from one album with five on the Billboard 100.

The pop musician started his first solo global tour to support the album release. The famous tour had the biggest audience and the highest revenue in history thanks to a hefty budget and the King at the height of his powers.

4. THE Moon Walk

When someone questions, why is Michael Jackson the king of pop, just counter-question them, Do they know what moonwalk? 98% chance is they will start doing a (not so good) rendition of the legendary moonwalk.

Even though the move was first performed by Billie Jean in 1983, it was popularized by Micheal Jackson along with his other iconic moves including the crotch grab and anti-gravity lean.

5. Grammy Legend Award

The rare GRAMMY Legend Award, a Recording Academy Special Merit Award given to individuals or organizations for continued accomplishments and impact in the recording industry, has only been given to 15 people to far. In 1993, Jackson became the tenth person to receive this distinction.